Indian Wedding Horse Hire Cardiff South Wales.
Hire a Decorated Indian Wedding Horse for an Indian Wedding from the Indian Wedding Horse Man

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Indian Wedding Horse, Ghorie for Baraat at the Boys House or to arrive at the Girls House, Gurdwarra Temple or City Hall in Cardiff

Indian Wedding Horse Cardiff South Wales

Call Steve the Indian Wedding Horse Man on 07798 895918 or send me a text to Book a White Female Horse (Ghorie for the Baraat) traditionally decorated White Indian Wedding Horse for an Indian Wedding Ghorie for Bharat in Cardiff

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Indian Wedding Horse Cardiff

To hire decorated white Indian Wedding Horse in Cardiff, your white Ghorie White Mare for the Baraat call Steve on 07798 895918 or send me a text.

Our traditional White Asian Indian Wedding Horse is available for all Indian Wedding venues in the UK. Phone Steve on 07798 895918 for a free quote for an Indian Wedding Horse hire

Indian Wedding Horse hire our Horse and Carriage hire beautiful White Horsedrawn Carriages hire for an Indian Wedding.


Indian wedding invitations are sent on the Indian Wedding Cards, and the Indian Weddig invitation wording and Indian Card designs are correct. The Wedding cakes Cake toppers and flower garlands are ordered. The Hall and stage decorations. The preparations for Indian Weding reception ideas are complete Now is the time to find an Indian Wedding Horse hire for Asian Indian Hindu Sikh Moslem Hindu Bengali Afghani Weddings in Cardiff
A white Mare (Ghorie) Wedding Horse for Baraat at the City Hall in Cardiff being the traditional conduit for the Indian groom for Hindu Sikh Moslem Bengali Afghani Weddings in England, those who make such steeds available for rental in Cardiff have experienced a business boom thanks to Indians' in the UK increasing penchant for ostentatious weddings. Indian Wedding planners in Cardiff report that the cost of hiring white decorated Mares has risen at least twofold over the past five years, and more people are opting for the even more elaborate two or four pure white Mare Horsedrawn carriages for an Indian Wedding. Since at any given time there are only 50 or so pure white Indian Wedding Mares (Ghorie) stabled in and around the UK, Horses rental prices can rise tenfold or even more during the Indian Wedding season, which runs from March to the Darwali Festival in November. "Normally, hiring a white decorated Mare (Ghorie) for 2 hours in Cardiff will cost 500.00 pounds," says Stephen Davies of Asian Wedding Horses UK, a firm specializing in decorated White Horse Hire for indian Weddings and accoutrements for wedding processions in Cardiff, "But during the Indian Wedding season, it costs 650 pounds and more. "A Wedding Horse and Carriage, accompanied by a live Bollywood Brass Band, Bhangra Dancers and Dhol Drummers can cost up to £2,000 Pounds, he says, which doesn't seem to deter families eager to splurge on style statements at their Indian Wedding. The custom of Indian Grooms arriving on Horseback at their Wedding dates to the 12th century, when Prithviraj Chauhan, a Rajput ruler of North India, eloped on horseback with his lover Sanyogita, daughter of a rival ruler. It has since become a time-honored tradition for Indian grooms to whisk away their Indian Brides on a shining white mare, (Ghorie) not Wedding Horse, as a Mare is considered auspicious, although it is an open secret that the Mare is often substituted by a castrated Horse (Gelding) as they are much calmer and stable than Mares. But for those looking to flaunt their wealth, a Mare just doesn't cut it when there's an Elephant to be had. "Elephants look more regal," says Ashok Kumar from Harjai's India Wedding Planners, and if he is to be believed, many an Indian groom wants to feel like a Prince on his Wedding day. A Wedding Elephant is no longer available in the UK due to Government and DEFRA laws. Meanwhile, Indian parents planning to hire Indian Wedding Horses and White Ponies for their Children's birthday parties � another growing trend among Indian Communities � find themselves having to cough up similar prices. But White Mare and Elephant owners counter criticism of their prices by pointing out that it costs a lot to maintain their animals, (Upwards of £15,000 per Year) and since they mostly get work during the Indian Wedding season, for most of the year, Indian Wedding Horse hire is restricted to Indian Religious processions or children's parties, which pay a lot less therefore it is only fair to demand a good price when demand for the Indian Wedding Horse is high. Think of it like Christmas or Eid Festival. Asian Wedding Horses UK, who supply horses to Naila Mughal for director Vijay Galani for Salman Khan Bollywood Films argues that well-paid Indian Wedding Horse owners treat their white Horses better, and animal rights NGO Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals confirms that complaints of ill-treatment of Wedding Horses and white Asian Wedding Ponies have become very rare. But it's not just simple economics, says Ashok Kumar of Harjai's, "We're dream merchants, and no price is too high for a white Wedding dream."

Hire Your white Indian Wedding Horse and Carriage in Cardiff from the Asian Wedding Horse Man. Call or text Steve on 07798895918

If your Indian Wedding Planners forgot to tell you about Indian Wedding Horse hire in Cardiff, call or text Steve on 07798 895918 to ask about Indian Wedding Horse hire prices in Cardiff.

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