Our white Asian Wedding Horses are supplied with experienced Horse handlers. You spoke to the rest, now book a traditional white Wedding Horse and Carriage with the Exclusive white Wedding Horses hire team for Indian Weddings. For a Wedding Horse at the Boys House, the Girls House, the Baraat and to arrive at the Gurdwarra (Temple) Indian Wedding Venue

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Hire Wedding Horses Horse and Cart to leave the Indian Wedding Venue Wedding Horses white Asian Wedding Horse for the Groom. Asian Wedding Horse

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Our white Wedding Horses for the ultimate Wedding experience for traditional Asian Indian Wedding Experience and the perfect start to a perfect marriage.

White Wedding Horses for an Indian Wedding, (The Indian marriage ceremony)

In England Scotland and Wales, our white Wedding Horses Traditional White Asian Wedding Horse (The white Ghorie for the Baraat) is ridden by the Asian, Indian, Moslem, Moslim, Sikh, Hindu or Bengali Groom to leave the Boys House, arrive at the Girls House and / or also to the Indian Wedding Venue or Gurdwara (Temple) in the morning, to meet his Asian bride in traditional style and splendour at the Asian marriage. In the evening, Groom and Bride leave the venue in the Horsedrawn Wedding Cart. Our white Wedding Horses are completely at ease and relaxed in the company of Dhol Drummers, Bhangra Dancers, Money throwing, Banner waving, but, no Fireworks allowed under any circumstances!!!!! We also offer the traditional Indian Dancing Horse for the exclusive ambience and Bespoke uniqueness for the discerning client

Asian Wedding traditions are many and varied.

From the remote mountains  In Tibet where the White Horse is the day before the Asian wedding, brought by the Maternal Uncle of the Groom to the Bride's house (or Tent) taking along as gifts a white Wedding Horse for the bride to ride on. Throughout Pakistan, at Punjabi (Punjab) Weddings, to Mumbai (Bombay) in the South of India, and also in Sri Lanka, (Formerly known as Ceylon), at Asian traditional weddings, the Asian Groom arrives at The Wedding Venue to meet his Indian Bride on a White Wedding Horse decorated in traditional Red and Gold Wedding Cloth. In Tibet, the Bride rides a White Wedding Horse to her Uncle's house, preceeded by the Wedding guests, before arriving at the Wedding Venue with her husband to be in The White Indian Wedding Cart.

The Groom arrives at the Asian wedding venue on his White Asian Wedding Horse

At The Asian Wedding Venue, The Asian Groom, rides his traditional White Asian Wedding Horse on the Morning of the Wedding, to meet his Asian Bride at the Wedding venue. After the Wedding celebrations and festivities at the marriage, the Groom and Bride leave the venue, late afternoon, or early evening, relaxing comfortably in style and splendour in the luxurious red and gold velour upholstered seats of the White Indian Wedding Carriage, (Wedding Cart or Wedding Buggy). Then, the Asian Wedding photographers and videographers take the Asian Wedding photos.

The traditional sound and rhythm of the Dhol Drum brought to you by the one and only The Dhol Drummers The Dhol Drummers supply professional Dhol Drummers for all Asian, Indian, Moslem, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Hindi, traditional Weddings and Corporate events. Contact the Dhol Drummers and say Steve sent you today!
Our white Wedding Horses will add a professional Final touch to your traditional Asian Wedding

Our white Wedding Horses professional touch at Asian weddings, has been gained from many and varied experiences at Asian Wedding events, Our white Wedding Horses have already carried Asian and Indian Grooms to around 300 Asian wedding events in Wedding venues around the UK every Year with our Specially trained traditional White Asian Wedding Horses, which adds the final touch, and makes the Wedding day, one to remember for ever

Book a White Wedding Horse or Wedding Horses and Carriage (Wedding Cart or Buggy) for Asian Indian Weddings

Afghani wedding traditions for Afghani Weddings

An Afghani marriage takes place in the evening, The Afghani groom mounts his White Wedding Horse around 10 PM in the evening to arrive at the Wedding festivities which begin around 7 PM in the evening, and continue into the early morning at the Wedding venue. Next day, after the Wedding celebrations, which last all through the wedding night and can continue for many Days, the Afghani Groom and Bride open their Wedding presents in the presence of the Wedding guests. For all Afghan weddings, remember to book Wedding Horses White Wedding Horse.

Wedding Horses and the best mans speech on ITV

Wedding Horses believe in caring for the customer (The Asian groom and his bride) and have added to the magnificence of the Asian wedding at many and varied traditional Asian weddings ranging between The South of England and Northern Counties. The customer is after all indeed the King on his Big Day, and Wedding Horses recommend that the Afghani Groom should have complimentary riding training at the Wedding Horses stables, to enable him to ride his White Wedding Horse with style and composure at the Bharaat. Most Asian Grooms choose to meet, mount, and ride to become at ease with the White Wedding Horse to enhance his self confidence. The Best Man, who is often the brother of the Afghan Groom, will also visit the home of our white Wedding Horses and sit on and ride the white Horse to help to overcome his fear of speaking in public at the Asian Wedding venue shown on The best man's speech, a popular ITV2 documentary programme, The Best Man's speech on ITV2

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How an Asian Groom can surprise his bride at the Asian Wedding Venue

Many Asian Grooms, wish to surprise the bride and Wedding guests by arriving at the Wedding venue on a traditional White Asian Wedding Horse. Wedding Horses have, together with the Asian Groom, surprised the Asian bride by hiding on the driveway of houses in Nuneaton with The Dhol Drummers Foundation, The Dhol Foundation Dhol drummers, in neighbours back gardens in Slough, in an alleyway across the road from the Gurdwara in Southall and even in the back of a Mc'Donalds car park in Heathrow International Airport in the early hours of a Sunday morning to arrive at The Marriot Hotel in Heathrow for Asian weddings, The Asian groom and the best man, together with close friends know that the bride and wedding guests will be waiting for the groom to arrive in a Wedding Buggy. Imagine then, the surprise when the Groom appears at the wedding venue, on his traditional Shining White Wedding Horse following the Dhol Drummers and the Bhangra dancers, or The Bollywood Brass Band, to arrive in traditional splendour at the Indian Wedding Venue on his White Wedding Horse.

Wedding Horses role in Shilpa Shetty. Bollywood films, Cosmopolitan magazine and Salman Khan's Bollywood movie Salaam e Ishq filmed on Trafalgar Square in London and Oxford

Our White Wedding Horses have appeared in TV films, and as the Cosmopolitan Magazine centrefold, have also been filmed by Asian Wedding Videographers at many splendid Asian wedding venues in The United Kingdom including the new Salman Khan Bollywood movie Salaam e Ishq filmed on London's Trafalgar Square, where the Saffron, Gold, Red and Burgundy wedding costume contrast perfectly Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square.

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Where to find a White Asian Wedding Horse for the Asian groom at a traditional Asian Wedding

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How does an Asian Indian Groom feel at his Wedding, and what are his emotions?

It is impossible to describe in words, the emotional feelings of the Asian groom, when he rides the White Wedding Horse at the wedding venue. You need to be at the Asian Wedding, and walk with him as he arrives at the wedding venue, see him when he waves his traditional wedding sword above his head and smiles and shouts at the wedding guests as the tinsel is thrown, and Dhol Drummers play, to experience his exhuberence and great joy and sense of tradition which is happens once in a lifetime at his Asian wedding, and will never be experienced again.

The White Asian Wedding Horse has carried the Asian Groom in Sunshine, fog, cold and in pouring rain at the Asian wedding venue.

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Wedding Horses are Professional and experienced suppliers of The traditional White Asian Wedding Horse in the UK. Historically, in Asia, on The Wedding Day, the Asian Groom and his family walked from the Asian groom's home to the brides home village. Now, at a traditional Asian Indian Wedding in the UK, the Asian Groom arrives at the Asian Wedding venue mounted on a White Wedding Horse.

Book online Wedding Horses White Wedding Horse for your Asian Wedding 07798 895918

The Best Man is normally the brother of the groom and will carry the Large Traditionally Decorated Indian Wedding Umbrella which he holds over the Groom and his Nephew who will sit on the Wedding Horse in front of the Groom.

Our white Horse is also available for circumcision party

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